the best of ourselves


Martinique. December 16.

Charlotte and Axelle, wearing EQUI, BASE, DOTA and NOUR.

It was the middle of the afternoon.

2016 seemed far off already.

In the meantime, 2017 was approaching almost frenetically,

bringing along its fair share of new challenges.

We shared some thoughts on new beginnings,

whether it be us facing radical change

or just laying a new gaze on our daily, seeing an old situation from a different perspective,

and filling ourselves with enthusiasm again.

Either way, it's saying goodbye to some kind of comfort,

slowly leaving behind what's made its time in our lives.

It’s embracing the unknown, and constantly be learning how to find balance in the in-betweens.

The sun started to go down, the air got fresher.

In the end, we thought maybe consistency could be found in our way of being to the world.

We started to wonder: What is the point of life if we’re not trying to treat each other kindly?

Yet, how do we remain open and true to ourselves, even in those times we feel our sensibility is taken advantage of?

What remained clear to us was we would keep on exploring the world, our world, the one around us, as much as the one within.

We’d do our best to stand still while we acknowledge its complexity.

We’d always be in awe before its endless beauty.

And we’d be searching for ways we can make it better, tirelessly, relentlessly, one step at the time.