Martinique. July 17.

Marina, wearing her FILÉ studs.

Us women we stretch.

We stretch in an incredible number of ways. In an almost infinite number of directions. We stretch with such intensity sometimes, we end up losing ourselves, pursuing ventures that are not fully ours.

And while we’re out there wandering, searching outside of ourselves for help, seeking answers that are just won’t be there, we somehow remember our deepest need to experience peace.

We slow down. We surrender.

We remember to look inside and try to find our way towards our own source.

We reattach those of our roots that had been taken out, and learn again how to draw from those left out of sight for too long.

Until we’re no longer hiding from ourselves.

Until we’re ready to stretch again, only now in the ways we’ve chosen to.

The ones that will make us feel light again.

The ones that will make us glow.

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